Apparently i need a pschologist as its not GBS... Really?

Well what a day… Just had copy of letter from neuro to what i thought would be gbs as told by rheumo, because of all my symptoms… And i have SLE lupus. Neuro thinks not apparently i know meeting didn’t go well but hey… I have either aids, herpes, shingles or i need to go and see a psychologipst because its all in my head… Which is rather ironic as im doing a degree at university in psychology… Dr has said that i have a non neuro movement disorder as i do have large aptitude trunk movement from side to side but then ignores this. It has been about 3 months plus onset after stomach bug and complete loss of bowels… And all other things like loss of reflexes pain etc… However says i need physio and meds lyrica and gabapentin, which is used to help gbs… Lots more said but totally not happy… Now need plan B and happy thoughts i think… Sadly reading thoug
h lots of posts i am not the only one that they think are mad… What is the world coming too… Thank you for listening. And hoping everyone is having a better day than yesterday… Keep smiling… She xxx

I was tested for stroke and aids as well. I was sent home by the neurologist after being in the ER for much of the day. I returned in the evening when I was losing further function.

when I left the hospital the direction they were leaning was some kind of MS and that I had a neurological event.

Hopefully you have this figured out by now. Good luck.

Good morning,

Thanks for hiving me chance to share my story. I was diahnosed GBS on 30 october 2010. I was unknown about GBS, many people are guessing that its a black magic on me.

Still i dont know the reason.


All I can say is hang in there. My neurologist also told me that because I recovered as quickly as I did, that I could not have possibly had GBS, especially since I had it happen twice in 6 weeks. He thought it was psychological (twice) and called in psych (twice). What we discussed with the psych dr was that 1) yes. I was anxious...but appropriately anxious for what I was experiencing and 2) yes I was depressed...but appropriately depressed for what I was experiencing and 3) NO - there is no psychological disorder that will cause loss of reflexes. Loss of reflexes indicated a true neurological impairment. In the end, I feel that I did (do) truly have GBS although my neurologist called it a series of neurological events of unknown etiology.