Did anyone have essentially normal nerve and muscle studies? I am so perplexed!

I have symptoms for about 7 weeks after a viral illness…still experiencing neuropathy, muscle burning and dizziness/blurred vision. I just recently had my nerve and muscle studies, which were essentially normal…neurologist sent me away with gabapentin and told to come back in 2 months if still symptomatic for a nerve biopsy…will this go away on its own then? Please tell me your thoughts?


It sounds a lot like you might be lucky enough to have found out that you might hae CIDP early. If you do have it, no this will not go away, unfortunatly it will get worse. The good news it is treatable. There is a lot of test that need to be done first. His testing is not cheap and the Dr. may not want to do this yet. Most of us found out we have CIDP at least two or three years after we started showing symptoms. Give the DR. time, in many of us it did not progress much in the begining. Good luck hope your concerns are for nothing and you get better, If not remember you are not alone.