Greetings and Wishes for Making 2014 our Best Year Ever

I want to wish all of us a happy new year. I think 2014 can be the best year of our life, not despite our pain, fear or limitations but because of them. I am so proud of myself and others here who remain present in life trying to make it better by leaning into it instead of ducking out.

I saw a program that spoke to me this summer and want to share hoping it will do the same for you. It is called Tedtalks: Life Hack. There are 8 episodes including a journey of Jane McGonigal , a gaming designer, who suffered pain and was bedridden following a sever concussion. The other episodes offer insights to help us or just make us laugh. I really enjoyed them all. They are short and can be seen on Netflix or online @ Tedtalks: Life Hacks, season one.

To 2014; Cheers!

Cheers for 2014! Thanks for the Netflix recommendation - I'm a bit of a Netflix addict myself.