I am staying of to see how worse can be

Hi everybody!

I was diagnosed 2005;I was born with C.I.D.P, treated with ivig every 6 weeks,last time I was in for ivig it was December last year, I am staying of to see how worse can be,I am going dawn to hell, no my mind,my body.I use my 2 walking sticks,my scooter to go in and about with buses,as I cant driving my car,[I am artist,and many other needs] I have to go in for ivig 28 July to prepare for a Conference in Paris,I hate it to go in, the nurses and the doctors are so lazy, you go in in the morning and they finish at night,for only 2 and a half hour which is the treatment, the staff with Government have a issue over pay and all the patients are in the middle of it!

Zack G

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How are you, Zack?