Irony of an Ironman

This guy gains a life of fame using the muscles that we, and he lose. Like him, I also have a lymphoma generating inside me in the form of a MGUS. In my reading, I 've seen many references to M spikes, to IgM monoclonal gammpathy, that seem to go hand-in-hand with CIDP. Does anyone else have this complication?

I feel sorry for this bloke. He was robbed of a career, just as I was in music.

The disability of losing strength... I really don't lose strength, my muscles just become so stiff that I can't use them properly. Is this happening to you?

I ran marathons in my early thirties. The joy of training, running long distances with my dog, on the rainforest trails and beaches in Kauai, are something I'll never forget.

I feel ya, buddy. I have always been in pretty good shape throughout my life. Loved running, cross-training, etc. Then, this stupid disease hit and I feel like I'm wasting away. I still try to work out, but within just a couple of minutes, I'm spent and that does me for the day.

I hate it for people that have been used to being so active, then BOOM, done.