O2 level

Has anyone had unexplainable drops in 02 levels which require using o2 while sleeping?

Nothing proven yet in my case. In December I noticed my diaphragm wasn't working well. By Jan 2102 I could no longer lay on my back in bed and get enough 02 to sleep. I would gasp for air and have to sit up in bed. I still do. So I can only sleep on my sides now.

yes, my husband regularly desaturates whether awake or asleep. he usually drops to the mid-80s, but got as low as 58% the other night. He has been oxygen dependent since October. I do have to say that he is not classic CIDP, though. I have done extensive research on this and asked every doctor that I have come across (I am a physician), and no one has an explanation. I have given up trying to figure it out and have accepted it as part of his condition.

When I was first dianozied with COPD, one of the tests I had was wearing the oxmeter finger thing over night and my numbers went way down during my sleep. I don't understand why?

I have to use oxygen 7/24 as my Plumb (lung doctor) told me a while ago this: If you want to live you will use the oxygen. so I do.