I am not sure if anyone once else has tapered off Medrol or if any of this sounds familiar. mayo suggested I taper until they had diagnosis. I took 3 Medrol Friday, 2 sat, and an hour after my five minutes after my last dose sun I started vomiting. Been in bed since. Because of persistent diarrhea last night I went to ER. The urgent care was concerned I had developed colitis. The ER didn’t do a cat scan but instead sent me home with abnormal labs and said to take them to mayo clinic. Well, it’s not that easy. My stomach is still painful and NOISY today. I have now had blood in my urine for 6 weeks, plus now urobilinogen. Low calcium, creatinine, and I noticed Every CBC I have had I have increased neutrophils (segs). I went in with abdominal and back pain. My glucose was FBS 125. Never have had a problem. I’m so tired of bring passed along to the next doc. Nobody in my house has been sick and I have 2 immune deficient kids. I just feel something is wrong. Going to call mayo at 7. Thanks.

Kidzcounselor, these symptoms sound serious. I don't understand why you would be passed along with symptoms like these. Is there someone accompanying you on these doctor's visits who can advocate for you? I hope you get the proper attention soon and can heal.

I have now left messages with Mayo and my PCP to no avail. My head is pounding. I have a history of tension headaches when I flare up. Its o bad I went and had the pharmacist ck my BP. A little elevated 136/88 for me, but prob pain related. I spent two years advocating for my son who is now almost 3, and its so much harder to advocate for myself! I feel like I am blown off because of my age, and because my autoimmune panel was negative, and my demylienation was mild. I was completely normal at this time last year, and now IM A MESS. I cant even taken care of my kids, let alone go to work at the job worked 6 years to obtain!!! OK DONE WHINING....just frustrated...positive attitude, positive attitude