Skin problems

i have a problem with red splochs on my face ever since i started getting ivig. it flakes dead skin. does anyone else get this? what can i do for it?

Apparently, not an uncommon effect (see my post "Uncommon (?) IVIG Reaction", along with the replies). Topical steroid preparations are the best treatment, but you will need the prescription strength, such as the triamcinolone preparation mdolich has described. Believe it or not, you can also try Selsun Blue, applying it over the effected area.

Yes- Selsun Blue (selenium sulfide) has been used for many, many years to treat blepharitis, which is basically a seborrheic process of the upper eyelid(s). Dandruff is increased skin turnover/shedding, as can be the skin reaction to IVIG. It eased my symptoms, after I remembered to try it. It's inexpensive, and worth a shot; not everyone will respomd to it.

thanks for the info. i'll try the selsin blue. and if that dosn't work i'll ask my doc about the stuff you said mdolich

Seborrheic Dermatitis- Click here for a link on seborrheic dermatitis from the American Academy of Family Physicians. Good photos and info.