Swollen feet

does anybody get swollen feet ? especially when on them for any extended period of time

That would depend on the time line. Most people have swollen feet in the afternoon and evening and you don't have to stand on them for any length of time. Gary

My feet are swollen. I sit at work, so it isn't because I am on my feet. I think it just a side effect of the Gabapentin.

Yes, swollen feet can be a side effect of gabapentin, but it’s not serious, but I would suggest you talk to your doctor if it becomes unbearable. Gary

well i know its not from the gabapentin cause i stopped take it 2 months ago cause it was not doing anything for me.my regular doc. gives me these water pills but it still does not help that much

Well there are several different manufacturers of similar drugs. I still suggest you talk to your doctor.