Does anybody have redness palm of hands and between fingers. And now I have bumps growing palm of hands. My hands always feel like they are ten times their size.

Yes, my mother feels the same and she hardly moves the fingers on her right arm.

I used to when first recovering from GBS. My toes and fingers still get discolored and turns red from time to time. And yes they feel like ten times their size at times especially when I’m either pregnant or very very tired…

Tally how is going with recovery? what progres did you make?

Gabriel said:

Yes, my mother feels the same and she hardly moves the fingers on her right arm.

I intermittently have similar symptoms. My GP took me off of lipitor, suspecting some interaction with gabapentin, and prescribed a steroid cream. I have since quit the gabapentin. Symptoms are much improved, but I still have minor flare-ups. The cream seems to help. Good luck, got to run. It’s IVIG time…

Thank you. Anything you can do for it.? I wear compression gloves at night. It will be a year for me in may. And only help is me helping myself. Or the research I have done :slight_smile:

Gabriel. The recovery is a long road. I can’t find a doctor to help me. I have athem blue cross and it’s horrible. My hands over all are the worst. I have been sick for two months now, the gp doctor doesn’t even want to hear it when I say I have GBS. It’s just sad being treated like its all in your head

I think i can help you with an advice. Since 3 weeks i giver her Nucleo C.M.P. Forte, this is dietary supplement wich contains Uridine . Uridine is one of the most important for recovery mielin sheats or in my case axonal degenaration. And she make a great proges ... Has begin to move the left arm better and better, right feet a little progres, feels the body greater and the muscle spasm had reduced. This supplement is made only in spain and in Germany with the name of Keltican. I think you can find the substance , it's a great help for me!! My mother had this severe case of gbs on 12 may 2014:) . You can see the full story on my profile.

I'm familiar with your feelings , i don't trust a doctor anymore...Everyone say : "bring her to me!! full of confidance" . But when they see her ....Are running to give a medical prescription or to say something 100% sure. So i find a great help on google :)

Gabriel thank you. I just order some of the keltica. See what happens. Yes iam done with the doctors. Last one I waitted in the room two hours. After that my whole day is done. It’s mentally and physically wipes me out. Today again my fingers feel like they are frozen to the bones but if you feel my hands they are really warm :slight_smile:

I wish you a fast recovery and please let me know how it help you!

Thank you. Sure wish it was fast. I guess over all it has been. I sure will let you know. Anything better then nothing. Iam excited to give it a try :slight_smile: