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Hello there,

Spring is on its way here in Canada, and you know what that means- we can finally come out of our igloos! (Har har)

Jokes aside, the warm sun and longer days really are a blessing after the cold dark winter. In Alberta, we are above the 49th parallel, so it means by December 21st the sun is rising at 8:30 AM and setting at 4 PM. Yuck!

My spring is busy trying to finish up my degree, what is everyone else looking forward to?


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Here in Knoxville TN we are being whip-sawed with warm (80) and cold (33) within a few days, repeating every few days. Trees are commited to green out but the flowers have developed multiple personalities over the whole thing. We just look at the thermometer, th n go out anyway! :sunglasses:

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Haha too funny!

I am in northern Minnesota USA. I live on a lake in a home my husband and I updated from a single room cabin my aunt and uncle built. My parents had the property just south of ours and my brother and his family also have a lake home they updated from another 1-room cabin, though they do not live there year-round (yet!). We have lived here year-round for almost 15 years now and each season’s change is so different from year to year. This year the ice was out on April 2 (somewhat early). This weekend my brother, nephew and my husband put in 4 sections of dock in order to get our pontoons into the water. My brother (being richer than us) pays to keep his pontoon in storage at a marine shop whereas we just pull our pontoon onto our shoreline with a tractor. We have already had tundra swans and Canadian geese stopping by but not staying too long as they prefer places on the Mississippi River south of us. A mating bafflehead pair stopped by for a few days to say “howdy!” and today I saw a pair of Canadian geese-mates who may be staying for a while. The first of our 3 pair of mating common loons arrived this past Sunday (April 9) and they appeared to be searching for a nice reed patch to nest on - however, the only reeds seen yet are dead leftovers from winter as we had early snowstorms in October (and they never go away until spring).

Hi Kellogg,

It sounds like you have your own personal zoo in your backyard! How lovely to have a pair of nesting loons- I have a cottage on the Ottawa River and we’re grateful everytime the loons pay a visit. They are such beautiful creatures.

One year, on a canoe trip in Algonquin park, we paddled around a corner to find a loon nesting 3 meters away! They are big birds up close!

Enjoy your paradise :slight_smile: