5 day loading dose did it work?

I had my 5 day loading dose of IVIG and by day 6 I noticed significant difference in both of my legs and arms. I was extremely greatful for one week of no pain, however it literally lasted about one week, last night the pain returned. It is not consistent it is intermittent but it is the same pain I had prior to the IVIG, I am saddened that the relief didn’t last longer… Does this mean that the ivig did not work or does this mean that I will have to have my infusion before 21 days? Anyone have this happen before?

Hi was this the first time you had the IVIG when you say loading dose? I know when my son was diagnosed it took 10 days after his 5 day treatment to see results. Then about 7 weeks later he relapsed and then did 5 more days it took him another 10 days to feel well again so our neuro went ahead to schedule him in 7 weeks even if he had no symptoms and it seems to be working. It's so hard because you can't really predict this disease I think a lot has to do with how you handle the stress of it all and how you take care of your body with diet and exercise my son was 18 when he was diagnosed and had to get through the stress of starting college and not being able to play soccer which he had a scholarship for, he had to mentally become strong then go to physical therapy it was hard he went from amazing soccer player to no balance and not being able to run and he lost his drive. Thank God he has gotten strong again and has been given hope it has changed his life for sure. We are thankful everyday he looks at life differently and realizes sometimes your plans don't always work out also things could be a lot worse. Don't give up and in time you will see a pattern with this and learn how to handle it.

My son has not gone 3 weeks since getting his first treatment. 2 weeks seems to be about the limit. He began his treatment last fall, so perhaps he will be able to last longer as his CIDP stablizes (hopefully).

It take some time to figure out how much and how offend to give IVIG, its different for everyone. The good news is that it works and seems like it worked well. There are lots of other drugs they can use to help with the IVIG. Right now I go 2 days every 4 weeks and I am also on cellcept and prednisone.

Thank you all for your input, at this point my insurance company has denied the ivig :frowning: so I only got the 5 day loading dose. I am now on cellcept & continuing the prednisone (which I hate the side effects from) I am hoping that when I go to see the neuro on the 19th he will start to drop the prednisone down.