Any Experiences with Night-time Tachycardia?

I've been recovering from a re-flare of symptoms following a sinus infection. My other symptoms like muscle weakness, facial weakness, leg and arm numbness have been resolving over the last two months. This time however, I've had more twitching in my heart and abdominal area. After weeks of that I started noticing my heart skipping beats every now and then. For the last couple of nights, I've been awaken by my heart racing followed by twitches or pulsing in my abdomen. Luckily, it doesn't last long. By the time I can check my blood pressure and pulse rate, it is fine. I just wondered if anyone has experienced this.

For the last two nights, the waking up with tachycardia has been replaced with palpitations that last longer but still followed with the pulsing in my abdomen. Meantime, my other symptoms feel so much better (numbness, muscle weakness). Going to my primary doctor today and requesting a cardiac referral. Anyone had tachycardia or palpitations with this? I've had no prior heart issues.

I posted this on the Alpha Acid discussion. But not sure if you drink diet soda or use stuff with aspartame in it or not. I read a long research paper online. It listed tachycardia and the other one as possible side effects. They also think it could be the cause of some people thinking they have MS. Crazy!

Hi TNGBS, I don't drink diet soda and cut out caffeine a few weeks ago. That's good to know about the aspartame. I did find out that I was having SVTs without damage to my heart. May have to do with the re-flare of nerve symptoms. Getting an ECHO next week to make sure everything okay.

hi tarhealing! yes i have gotten them all through the days where they had left me at hard time breathing , sweating,dizzy and my doctors had told me that it is syncope! not much you can do with it but lay flat on ground and to lay with legs and arms at heart level, take long deep breathes wait for everything to calm down! hope it works for you

oh could also be from certian meds that you are taking

Hi Stephanie, did they say what was causing it and did it go away? I'm not really on anything regularly but Fish Oil and Vitamin C so I don't think it's the medication. I was on Co Q 10 and Alpha Lipoic Acid but I stopped those a few weeks ago but it's no better. It's usually when I'm really tired from the day and at night while I'm sleeping but it's happening every night now.