Anyone taking Adderall and Medicine Question

My physician started me on Adderall 20mg today to help fight the fatigue and depression that I suffer with daily. I also take Zolft100mg and morphine 120mg daily. Also I take Namenda and Topamax daily. I was hesitate to start the adderall but then I thought it cant make me feel more tired.....I was just wondering if anyone else is on a similar meds? I feel like I am taking some heavy hitting drugs and ones that I am very dependent on.

I have several other medical issues besides CIDP- so I do take some similar meds.
I take cymbalta, vyvance, metaprolol, metaformin, reclipsen, sprionolactone, and pain meds for CIDP.
Along with vitamins.
I’m 20.
Hope this info helps you! Brand new to the group!

I have CIDP and the antibodies for ASAN since 2020. Interesting discussion.
My impression was that IVIG or SCIG was the primary treatment for CIDP. I can’t function without one or the other. I become too weak overall and sensory deprived in my extremities.
I also take Gabapentin for nerve pain and drugs for depression.
I am considering Adderall for more energy. I have resisted it because I always had hopes that I would get better but that hope has faded.

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And I think that is a point that many of us with rare conditions get to in our own time. I often speak about that thing called ‘Acceptance’ because I certainly didn’t want to accept ‘THIS’. Hell, I fought against it with all of my being. I had a life and I wanted that life back and as much as I pushed to get it all back, my body pushed me into eventual submission. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not happy about where I am at, but I’ve learnt I have to accept this. I can’t fight it, to fight is a waste of energy and I don’t have enough of that to be wasting it.

When we learn to ‘better’ accept, we can move forward somewhat. Could it give you a ‘better’ quality of life? Could it help you manage better? If the answer is ‘yes’ to either of these questions, then you have your answer already. Nobody ever wants to be in this position. Nobody. But here we are, all we can do is make the best of a bad situation and if that’s medications, so be it.

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I started Adderall some weeks ago. I have to say that it has improved my energy significantly. I should have started it sooner. I’m in a pretty low dose. 2x6mg daily. Supply can be an issue tat times because of government limits on production.

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