Anyone using or used Rituxan?

If so How is it? Any major side effects? How often do you get? We are considering using this on my 6 yr old daughter with Cidp because Ivig isn't working as well for her....Thanks for any info :)

Thanks for asking this! A pathologist in the plasmapheresis lab asked me today if my neurologist had talked to me about using Rituxan since plasmapheresis only lasts a short time if it’s used alone. He told me to ask him about it because he’s seen good results with people who’ve used it. The pheresis nurse told me the same thing. I did ask about side effects, but all she could tell was that “it depends on the person, etc. etc.”.

So if anyone can answer R&RMAMA’s question, it will be helping me too.



Sorry I can't help you but I did want to tell you the picture of your little girl is gorgous. She's too precious.

Thank you....She is my little sweetheart :)