Back surgery with CIDP?

Last year, I was in the process of scheduling back fusion surgery when my neurosurgeon identified other symptoms which eventually led to my diagnosis of CIDP. We agreed to postpone surgery for a year until my condition was stable. I currently receive IVIG treatment every 3 weeks which manage my condition,

I was wondering if any others have had back or other surgery with CIDP and how it affected their recovery. Fatigue is a major concern for me.


Interesting topic back surgery! I have had two cervical neck fusion surgeries...Spinal cord compression was found during my MRI that was ordered to figure out why I was experiencing numbness, tingling & weakness!

I had both surgeries prior to my diagnosis of CIDP...Needless to say the surgeries did not impact my symptoms whatsoever.

I am having an outpatient surgery this week and my nurse told me to have the infusion the day before as the healthy antibodies would help me heal faster. I find as I age that surgeries and common illnesses take longer to bounce back from...I am hoping my nurse is correct in advising the infusion prior to surgery for a better outcome.

Best of luck...Surgery is a bummer

Thanks for sharing your experience. Two back surgeons were ready to schedule surgery before my third opinion informed me that although I did require back surgery, it would not address my other symptoms of falling and leg weakness. With my permission, he obtained a phone consult with a different neurologist than I had been seeing, who eventually found the CIDP. I was lucky that I live in a large metro area to get the third opinion. Frankly, at the time, I wondered if getting a third opinion was over the top.

Surgery is a bummer, but if it fulfills its promise, it would be worth it. However, as PeeWee Herman said: "It's a big but..."