Ben's Friends and partner organization Rare Genomics Institute Podcast Series

Ben's Friends Patient Communities and partner organization Rare Genomics Institute (RareGenomics) will hold an hour-long interview with genomics experts on October 4th at 7-8 pm EST / 4-5 pm PST/ UK Midnight-1 am BST. The series will discuss technological advances in the area of rare genetic disorders and will feature a forum where you can field questions.

Later, a transcript of the interview and a link for a replay of the interview will be published in this community.

More details on this announcement on this page: Ben's Friends and RareGenomics Interview Series.

Please make sure to register your interest and questions via thisinvitation link .

Tonight's Podcast was Amazing !!!

Please try & sign up & listen to the next one. I am not sure of the next date, but will find out. Also, a transcript of tonight's podcast will be available. Anyone with a Rare Disorder will learn so much. I promise !!