Best therapy for children?

I’m new to all this and not sure if I’m asking in the proper place, but I’m going to go ahead and hope to get a response . I’m wondering if any of the moms and dads that have a young child have done and been happy with any therapy ? Most people are from the US , do any of you know of any in Canada ? That have worked well with young children ?

My son will be 8 soon. We are in the states. But he has been doing occupational therapy for a few years now. Very helpful. It includes a lot of fun activities for his age group. He also takes piano with a music therapist. I figure the finger motions are good for him. He is in a sports league that caters towards special needs kids (The Miracle League).

What a great idea Piano !! Thank you I’m sure Alyssa will think that’s cool ! So occupational therapy works best for the younger kids, as suppose to physical therapy ?

I don't know any to recommend but if you access the CMT Association they have a list of Doctors Physicians and therapists to start you in the right direction;

Also check with your (Muscular Dystrophy Association)MDA chapter, locally, to see what their recommended ideas would be. They may actually have some on their staff familiar with CMT. Water activity and exercise is very good and can be fun for children but with any activity be cautioned that the repetitive moves and over use of muscles can be more harmful! The recommendation is to be active but change the activity often enough not fatigue any one muscle group.The idea is to push the muscle to the point of being tired but not beyond; That can vary from day to day and progression stages. Teach your child to enjoy things but if begins to be too hard or too much strain they should listen to their body! Encourage them but be cautioned to to push them. If they have pain within 2 hrs after the activity they have over done.