Bethany's walk for a cure so that she and others with CMT will one day be able to run!

Bethany Walks to Run!

I am walking to raise money to cure Charcot-Marie-Tooth, a neuromuscular disease that affects me and an estimated 2.6 million people worldwide.

I walk for my grandmother, May Meloche, who had CMT.

I walk for my father, Tom Meloche, who has CMT.

I walk for the hundreds of people I have met–and the millions I haven’t–whose lives are affected by CMT.

I walk, because I can.

A few years ago I was barely able to walk 70 steps, but after a year of operations and recovery, and over 20 procedures, I can now walk without pain.

On August 24 I am going to try to walk 7 miles for CMT. Wobbly miles, mind you, but MILES!

I walk so that one day we all may run.

Any donation would be appreciated... perhaps a multiple of 7?