Blisters on Hands and Feet

There's someone being treated for cidp who has had a reaction resulting in blisters on hands and feet. She's also having additional complex problems. I've seen it mentioned somewhere on this forum. Does anyone have more details about this?



The first round of IVIG went fine. The second round..about a month after the treatment the blisters began with horrible itching. The third round had this reaction begin the second day of treatment. I was told by my neuro that it couldn't be a result of the treatment. Went to my family care doc and was told it was eczema, an immune system problem that I had originally in childhood. Loads of creams, lotions etc. I am still itching 5 weeks later. Jo had them too and her neuro took her off the IVIG I believe. Check in with your doc and get it taken care of. I am changing neuros because I wasn't listened to about this. Good luck!


Thanks Jen