Blood washing

Anybody had yet his treatment? Would appreciate any input…please.

I has to have it. 7 times in14 days. It gets worse the more times you have it. But I guess it is ok. I slept a lot after it was done.

The only reference to it I could find was in relation to washing cells at Univ. NC for excessive cholesterol. Who recommended it and for what? Primary therapy?

I was in icu right after I got CIDP and I was really out of it. I was in icu for a week and in the hospital for 23 days. Bedridden. And I started getting it on the end day. I don’t remember much of that first week but I remember that.

sounds like plasmapheresis

Thanks for the response, could you guys please give some more detail, as to the procedure, how it felt, did it help your condition, and why you had it. My consultant wants to clean up my antibodies and immune system. I have CIDP. Thank You.

Yes it was a longer process and it makes you very lethargic but once it kicked in I felt like superwoman and my pain went down to a daily 4 versus 7-8

Longer than what? How long? Did the benefit .of it last?
Carol…did you feel better after…and did it kick in?
I have tried so many things for my docs over the years…I am weary of being a lab rat.
I need as much inf as I can get,because of the possibility of infections, caused by the Hickman line they insert. Thanks.

Is this plasmas exchange that we are talking about?

I am not sure if it’s the same thing as plasma exchange.