Bruising and IVIG

Hi everyone,

I have a question. Has anyone bruised very easily after receiving IVIG? The first time I got IVIG I knelt on my knees for quite a while cleaning my car (I didn't go home and take easy like I was told). Later that day I had big, huge black and blue bruises all over my knees. They went away in about a week. Well Sunday I got IVIG and then whacked my elbow on the door (oh, did it hurt, i hit the funny bone!). Anyway, now the elbow is all black and blue. I never use to get such large bruises. I think it is realated to the IVIG? Any thoughts or comments?

Thank you, Jane.

Yes, I bruised very easily after receiving IVIG. This problem began about six years ago when I had already been taking IVIG for many years. The reason for the bruising was a low platelet count due to an autoimmune disease (immune thrombocytopenia purpura (ITP)). I wouldn't describe my bruises as "black and blue." They were a pinkish purple. I would bruise with minor impacts which normally wouldn't cause any damage. The pressure of the tubing on my arm would cause bruising at the infusion site, as would removal of the tape that holds the tubing down. Remedies for bruising at the infusion site were putting a gauze pad below the tubing and using an adhesive-removing solvent when removing the tape. My ITP went into remission after taking prednisone for about a year.

Platelet counts are a standard blood test. Hopefully, your platelet counts have been normal.


Thanks for the response Jon. As far as I know my platelet count has been normal. But I will probably have them check it in the near future just to make sure. I don't bruise at the infusion site but I do bruise with a minor bump that usually would not cause a bruise. I bumped my elbow the other day just a few days after my infusion and the whole elbow turned dark from a big bruise. Normally when hitting my funny bone I just have pain but no bruise. Oh well, I guess I have to keep an eye on this but not much to do at this time. It has only happened twice and both times I did something to cause the bruise. I am not just bruising without any bumping.

I agree with the easily bruising, I fell and hurt my in Oct 2012 and develope a huge lump, then it turned into an ugly black and blue…and as of today, Apr 2012 I STILL have a lump, (not as big, but noticeable) and I have STILL have the black in blue. When I told the doctor she said that’s part of having the condition. Regardingtge IVIG infusions, I get them
through a port, and I also get a bruise for a week or so :frowning:

Wish you luck, hang in there!!