Central nervous system issues

Hello all ~

My 23-year-old daughter has been recovering from what was diagnosed as a mild case of GBS in April 2014. Since then she has suffered a number of set backs but the latest seems to be involving her central nervous system. The neurologist is looking at MS as a possible cause now. MRI’s are scheduled later this week

I’m wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar or if you know of a link between these two diseases.


I am 49 and suffered from what they believe was a mild case of GBS in June 2014. I had ascending muscle weakness/nerve destruction that started in my toe and moved up my leg affecting both legs and arms then up my spine where it eventually affected some of the nerves in my face. I had recovered pretty well by November 2014 with some residual nerve issues but had built back my strength. Then in February of 2015 I had a set back following a sinus infection. This time it affected some of the same nerves as the first time but also more involving my central nervous system. I had more twitching in my torso and chest area then my heart started racing. I actually saw a cardiologist but my heart was in great shape just speeding up. Six months later it's so much better. I also had vestibular/ocular problems. It caused me to feel so dizzy. I saw a new PT who has actually helped me so much that I no longer am having that trouble. It's so much better after weeks of exercises. My heart racing is so much better too. I still feel the nerve activity and twitching but it's so much better.

MS was ruled out for me with MRI's and spinal tap originally. When I had setbacks originally, they also repeated my MRI's to make sure. What type of symptoms is she having?

It is actually her PT who encouraged her to go for another round of testing because he realized new problems with part of her central nervous system served by her cranial nerves - mostly on one side: pupils not dilated evenly, reduced hearing in one ear, tongue not working properly, deviated uvula in back of throat, loss of muscle tone in shoulder. She also has a persistent elevated heart rate and has been diagnosed with interstitial cystitis only because of the frequency of urination. All of this now on top of the peripheral neuropathy, twitching and tremors which originally started with her GBS.

I hope the MRI will give us some answers.

I had a mild case G.B.S. in 2013 went threw all them same test, all were neg. was told by my neuro all would be well in 6 mo. or little more, 6mo. later was doing so much better at about nine months started the tingling and burning hands, feet, and face. loss of bladder, and muscle craps. no answers or not even an explanation to what could be going on, I did not even know what residuals were tell I got on this site. still have trouble will be seeing new neuro thus. now when I am ill I feel ten times worse. I am 51 so I am a bit older . hope you all the best stay strong and positive.