Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy

Jan 20th 2012, after receiving injections of steroids into my lumbar spine on three differant occasions because of work injury trauma to my back, I developed neuropathy symptoms for the first time in my life. All symptoms came on suddenly and dramatically. My feet began to tingle intensly, both sides of both ankles broke out with petichei, insomnia began, core trembling and nervousness, pins and needle with burning pain in feet and legs. My primary care doctor at that time did not ever suspect or test for neuropathy at all. After two months of symptoms worsening I got a new doctor who immeaditly ordered emg study. Neurologist found bad abnormalities, with damage to my myelin nerves. Began iv infused steroids on April 4th. for five straight days. No improvement. Now to receive ivig treatment June 13. Is this normal for all my symptoms to have come on so fast? Is it possible that the steroids lowered my immune system and caused cidp?

I have Rheumatoroid Arthritis. 2 years ago, I had Cimzia jnjection for RA three times. Then, I got CIDP. I recently found out I had low white blood count aound that time. My doctor thought I had natural low white blood count. I think Cimzia made my immune system lower and got CIDP or gave me CIDP as its side effect.

I had a bad reaction to a prescription of oral steroids that I got to treat poison ivy exposure. The symptoms came on after I had tapered off of the prednisone. I became so weak that I needed a cane. My symptoms were limited to extreme weakness. I was put back on oral steroids and continued with IVIG that I had already been getting for several years [I had been diagnosed with CIDP prior to this acute episode of weakness]. I recovered completely after about 6-8 months. After several years I tapered off (very, very slowly) the oral prednisone. My symptoms also used to worsen dramatically if I got the flu. I get an annual flu shot and haven't had an issue since.

With that said, I have had several occasions where my CIDP symptoms became acutely worse in a relatively short period of time. In my case, I have little doubt that my body reacted negatively to the tapering off of prednisone, but it didn't cause my CIDP, rather it acutely exacerbated my CIDP symptoms. I have been getting IVIG infusions for 15 years at a dose of 1 gram IVIG per kilogram of body weight. I presently get an infusion every 3-weeks. It has worked very well for me.

Myelin is quite resilient. The nerve axon that the myelin protects is not. I am a big believer in taking IVIG to preserve myelin and create an environment so that it can regenerate. Based on my experience you have good reason to be hopeful that the IVIG will make a difference. Best wishes.

Thanks a bunch for your info..