Has anyone ever heard of a connection between CIDP and ALS?

I have not heard of a connection between the 2 but ... when you read symptoms of ALS, it reminds me of the symptoms I have. I'm trying not to be a hypochondriac, but I'm just saying...

I don't know about a connection, Lacey, but I did find a 2009 Science Daily article suggesting that IVIG may lower the risk of Alzheimer's:

ALS and CIDP both effect lower neurons, therefore they are both motor neuron diseases. In the 7 years that my CIDP went misdiagnosed, I went to every MND site in the Galaxy. Many people fear ALS, but it is so rare (about as rare as CIDP) and so deadly that an unnatural fear is built up around ALS.

At one point, I was told I had ALS. It was a misdiagnoses, but it caused me severe stress that probably made my CIDP and every other health condition I have/had to become much worse.

The symptoms pf ALS are very similar to CIDP, but without upper neuron involvement. I have severe fasciculations, foot drop, whithering of one leg, sporatic wtiches and breathing problems and more... sound familiar?

Anyway, I was certified ALS free by a neurologist who thought I was highly neurotic... and that is the problem. If you think you have ALS it will drive you crazy!

There is no connection. In CIDP the T-cells and macrophages destroy the endonerium allowing the myelin sheaths (made of fats mostly) to deteriorate,thereby causing a short circuit or a faulty circuit of an electrical action-potential to the muscle.

Upper neuron action-potentials originate in the brain. In ALS, well, chemistry garbage is left in the mitochondria and then the neuron shuts down and then dies prematurely. CIDP is all about an autoimmune attack on the endonerium.