Cidp & emg

Has anyone experiencing their Neurologist who constantly orders EMG every 3 months. I have the nerve biopsy 1 year ago which confirmed that I had CIDP. I take IViG twice a month. I have refused steroid other than that which goes into the IV during IViG. She refuses to discuss my Fibromyalgia or sit dow and have a conversation with me. Last 6 months, I had 3 EMGs but didn't receive any results nor did my PCP who is part of the network. This is the 2nd female Neurologist I've had and the other one acted the same way that I was weak. Her PA and I talked this week and said that if I don't have the EMG; they would stop my IViG. Does EMG actually tell the Dr. anything? Has anyone else experienced the same thing?

I get EMGs every 6 months. The EMG detects neuromuscular abnormalities and also confirms what the Neurologist's neuro exam showed.

RE: Fibromyalgia, I recently I read that Fibromyalgia may be mitigated by IgG.

EMG can let a neurologist evaluate hundreds of neurological conditions and other diseases that mimic CIDP's symptoms:

Scroll down and you'll see the realm of what an EMG finds. However, not all neurologist's are proficient in reading the results of an EMG (I learned the hard was when prescribed incorrect meds based on an EMG reading).

I've discovered that sometimes neurologist are baffled by all the tests, and if that is the case, all they can do is order more tests. More test does not mean things are bad or good.

You don't want a neurologist to make a hasty decision when it comes to nerves. Everyone who is diagnosed and confirmed with CIDP, does have CIDP, if the IvIg or other treatments work. However, we all have many different contributing variations in our blood and immune system, so we all have variants of CIDP. CIDP is still an unknown to science.

One neurologist actually gave me a premature ALS diagnoses as he was examining me and this did me great harm, mentally and physically. Before that diagnoses he told me I have CIDP, then back tracked. That cost me a year of full CIDP symptoms in pain and distress.

I have a common adjunct disease to CIDP, and that is MGUS. A Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance can create similar symptoms to CIDP in terms of spinal chemistry and neuropathy. From recent blood tests and a Gel electrophoresis, it was determine that I do not have a blood cancer, precipitated by MGUS . I don't need to worry about this for a very long time, but the definitive blood/gel test and a knowledgeable doctor took a year.

BTW- Maui is terrible place to live or retire; medical services are just one of many community failures here.

I have had a total of 3 EMG in 7 years. I think this is excessive. These tests are fairly uncomfortable and I would never want one every three months!