CIDP Treatment

Had a nice chat with a visiting Anaesthesiologist from Michigan who treats CIDP down there. He’s using very low dose Procytox or Imuran. Not his patient and wrong country…but anyone else with experience with drugs like this? Slow advance, but it is advancing. Reluctant to go to Pred or more radical things. Thoughts???

Couldn’t walk when entered hospital then I started on plasmapheresis for the 1st two years then I was on Imuran for two weeks before it made me sick to my stomach (I would throw it up every time I took one). I switched to Cell Celt (mycophenolate- started with 2000mg, 1000 in the AM and 1000 in the PM. Weaned down to 250 AM and PM, then wean off it.
I have regular fatigue, but no hospital visits and can still walk.