COVID in past GBS and CIDP survivors

Has anyone here who had either GBS or CIDP in the past catch the COVID bug and suffered with severe symptoms? If so, what kind of symptoms were they?

I may have had Covid in January of 2019. My husband and I both got sick, but you couldn’t get tested back then. My husband got the typical symptoms, including the massive back pain. When he got the second vaccine, he had the same pain, but to a lesser degree. That’s pretty common when you talk to folks who had Covid.

However, I also got sick, but not nearly as bad. I have CIDP, and am on 65g IVIG every two weeks. Ivig is also used in hospitals for some folks with Covid. It’s our belief that the IVIG kept me from getting as sick as my husband. It was a couple of months before his coughing stopped, and by the time they had the antibody tests available, it had been over four months, so there was no way to know if he had it or not. Based on his symptoms, we’re convinced he had it, and the IVIG kept me from getting as bad a case.

But those are our assumptions.

My husband and I both got COVID after two Pfizer vaccinations. I also have CIDP and get IViG every two weeks. We both were very ill. He was about a day ahead of my in symptoms and we both had one very bad night, with cough and severe headache (I think even worse than those first IViG headaches). I qualified for monoclonal antibodies and got them. Seemed to have no effect, except perhaps keeping me from the hospital It’s been almost six weeks and our sense of smell and taste is intermittent, I still cough, have BP fluctuations, and NO energy. BTW, our 50b year old son also got it and was vaccinated.