going in for a round of IVIG 5 days at the hospital i get terrible migraines i get hydrated like they tell us to,i take a pile of meds but i still get thumpin headaches for a week.

Me, too. I feel awful for exactly 10 days, then, SNAP…I can walk for 2-3 weeks.

Cowboy Mike,

So, if the infusion is set too fast, a monster headache can result. As I get older, I have had to slow the rate. Even so, I sometimes awake with a migraine the next day, but it is manageable with migraine meds. Some folks are particularly sensitive to a particular brand of IVIG, and get headaches with one brand and not the other. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice on this. This is not good.

the migraines are actually Aseptic Meningitis, no OTC meds will work on them all that well because its caused by irritation of the brain lining a higher then normal dose of any anti-inflammatory meds might help but consult you nuerologist or GP beforehand to discuss safe dosage

Are you getting saline fluids concurrently with your infusion? I highly recommend it. I was in the same boat despite drinking a gallon of water before, during & after. You will need to ask your prescribing doctor to include it in your script. If the pain spreads to your neck that's a sign of aseptic meningitis as mentioned so definitely alert someone! Hope this helps you & best of luck!