Differnt symtoms?

I have only been diagnosed a week ago but have been ill over the last 6 years.

It all started with what feels like flu starting e.g. aching muscles, stabbing pains all over my body, extreme fatigue and anxiety attacks. I would be doing something one minute ansat on the floor the next!

After visiting the G.P. I was told I was suffering from extreme mental and physical exhaustion, which I believed as I had 4young children and worked as a lecturer which on times can be a very stressful job.

I was off work for around 6 months, but never got back to how I used to be.

In 2008 I was involved in a car accident in which I hurt my lower back and was referred to a neurologist.

Then followed x2 mri scans that showed, severe swelling and damage to the nerve root in my lower back. the report read "possible CIDP".

Before Christmas 2011 I was walking with the aid of a stick and was in extreme pain but this was due to the pain in my back and legs not my feet as most sufferers of CIDP have.

I was then referred to another neurologist who said he wasn't convinced I had CIDP but sent me for a lumber puncture and nerve conduction tests.

These showed protein in the spinal fluid and slowing nerve reactions, all this points to CIDP. I have now been diagnosed.

However, after joining this group and reading most of the stories on here I'm not sure I have all the same symptoms and I'm worried that I've been misdiagnosed.

Most of my pain is in my lower back and down my legs, but not really in my feet apart from some stabbing pains which come and go. I have odd sensations in various parts of my body, like pins and needles, numbness in my hands ocasionally, I am becoming a bit clumbsy,extreme muscle ache and fatigue. I also have severe trigeminal neuralgia. My concentration is becoming poor and I have blurred vision which comes and goes.

Is there anyone out there that has CIDP and suffers the same symptons as me please? I would be very grateful for some help.


Not exacting, but close, lower back and legs, I can walk for about 5 minutes then have to sit until the pain in my right leg stops which starts in my lower back. I'm now wearing a brace on my left hand every night to prevent my fingers from permanently curling inwards. Before I started IVIG treatments I was falling about once per week, but since I haven't fallen at all. Every neurologist I've seen has told me CIDP doesn't affect one's memory but I'm not so sure. Seven years ago I was a walking, talking computer, now I find it hard to remember what I did yesterday. Atrophy started in my upper left arm about a year ago, so I'm no longer bulging with muscles. (Oh well) I hope this helps, Oooops, I just spilled my coffee. Gary

Many thanks for your reply, I am starting IVIG tomorrow, bit scared but optimistic. I have lots of questions for my neurologist too! Take care Gary, Lisa