Does anyone have Hyperthyroidism with CIDP?

I have had CIDP for 12 years. I use to get an IVIG about every 3 months. Recently in the past 9 months my IVIG stopped working as well. They also diagnosed me with a Hyperthyroidism. My Drs stated to do Plasma Pharesis on me & it worked for 3 weeks. did it again & I went to see a specialist in NY. He ordered a loading dose of IVIG for me to do but I started another relapse before I was giving the first dose. It was 2x a week for 2 weeks. I was ok for 2 days after the first 2 treatments & then started to relapse again. Dr told me to do the 2nd round of he loading dose. So I am wondering if it’s my Thyroid that is throwing my disease out of wack…

I've heard that if you have one autoimmune it is common to get another. So if your hyperthyroidism is auto-immune, Graves , it may be tied in that way. It's not uncommon to "reboot" medications after several years. I've heard of others who did that too. Hopefully they will both stabilize soon.

I have Hashimotos Thyroiditis. DX'ed in 1995 and CIDP in 2012. I have blood test every 3 months. I seem to have more problems relating to CIDP than Hashimotos, however I can see a meshing of both 'diseases' as the symptoms can be the same i.e lethargy, muscles soreness etc.