Does anyone know of grants for financial assistance?

Even with insurance, the cost of treating CIDP is a significant financial burden. I don't qualify for SSI or other social assistance programs, and disability payments don't keep up with the cost of medical expenses, not to mention the cost of living. Of course, most of you already know this.

Is anyone aware of any short or long-term government or private grants available for CIDP patients? It would seem that with all of the grant monies available, there would be.


No, I did not have the honor of being able to serve in our military. Thank all of you who were able to, and did.

I'm not sure what's going on with your health system down there because I live in Canada, but I keep seeing these ads on TV for a no cost insurance helpline even for people with pr-existing conditions. I'd check it out if I were you. Gary

Thanks for the replies- please keep them coming; the resources that don't apply to my situation may help someone else. I will definitely check out some of these. If the link does not work, you can look on the NORD website, they offer a list of places to try. Good Luck

Do you have an out of pocket limit with your insurance? This is the amount you spend before your ins. starts paying 100%. Mine is $4000.00 (yikes) I qualified for a program with the supplier of the gamunex-c and they waive my deduct. and copay.I am hoping the new ins. laws stay in effect that say the lifetime max is no longer legal.