Emg testing

Is it possible to have a negitive Emg test and still be diagnosed with CIDP? My test came back normal.....but have all the other symptoms waiting on the spinal tap test. Also have severe pain in upper back and neck that has been there since the start. Does anyone else experience upper back pain.

Hi jh, I have bad lower back pain. I dont think it is possible to have normal emg and still have cidp. I think there has to be demylination, where the myelin covering the nerves, is damaged or gone. Did you see a rhematologist? These symptoms mimic so many illnesses. If you feel it’s your muscle & not joints, could be fibromaylsia. I would love more information on your symptoms & to hear more of your story. Jo

I started having symptoms Nov 2011 and had a normal MRI, blood tests, and emg until it progressed further. The emg didn't show any demyelination until late December when the muscle weakness started. I also have lower back pain from weak legs/hips and flank pain at kidneys. I was diagnosed with Guillian Barre at first but tomorrow that will change to CIDP because of the relapses. Hope this helps! Rachel

Rduchess, does your low back pain snake around to your hip like a fire? Does anything help the pain, besides pain meds?

No, my pain is muscular from overuse/overcompensation. Sounds like yours is nerve pain. Advil takes care of mine. Sorry...

Doggymama said:

Rduchess, does your low back pain snake around to your hip like a fire? Does anything help the pain, besides pain meds?

My first EMG just indicated I had peripheral neuropathy due to poor electrical flow to my left foot. Symptoms came on slowly over another year which resulted a new nero (my choice) and another EMG which indicated CIDP. My nero did the EMG and explained it as he went. During a part of the EMG a probe, kind of like and accupuncture needle is pushed into a muscle. The sound on the machine is turned up and of course the monitor showing electrical activity is on. According to my nero, and what I saw/heard, in muscle areas that were working fine, there was a steady hiss and very little activity on the monitor. When he probed a bad area, for example my left calf. There were fast erratic pulses that I could see and hear. That's areas where the sheath is open and electricity is shorting to ground (as I describe it). Next was the lumbar puncture where they take spinal fluid out. They check the protein level in the spine. As I recall normal would be 50. Mine was 97. That's the second indicator of CIDP.

I hope your pain goes away.

Yes, mine came back negative as well. I dont have have any back pain, my pain is symetrical and in my arms nd legs, also extreme numbnes

Hi Susan,
If your emg came back negative how did they make the diagnoses? What were your first symptoms and how did they progress? Thank you in advance for your response.