Eye Shaking

Has anyone experienced eye shaking? I had some Miller Fisher symptoms with mild Guillain Barre symptoms back in June 2015. I am now experiencing a relapse of symptoms which includes eye shaking that can't be seen on examination by a regular eye doctor. My eyes check out okay. It is especially bad at night. My eyes get so tired now by the end of the day. It cleared up before with all of my other symptoms (leg & hand weakness, tingling, numbness, etc) but came back following a sinus infection along with other nerve symptoms in other areas. Along with this random eye shaking is blurry vision at times, more eye twitching, and a feeling that my balance is off sometimes. I've asked for a referral to see a Neuro-Opthalmologist but just wondered if anyone had ever had this disturbance with their eye muscles.

It actually started June 2014.

If people could only see what wee go through. Form the outside we look fine but from the inside, WOW shaking, fantom twitching, waves of electric shocks, burning etc… Yes I get shaky eyes. It feel like an earthquake behind my eyes, or at least like they show an earthquake on tv since I have never been in one.
Mine seems to be related to light, bright sun light is the worst. Sleep helps

Feels like nerve dysfunction. Hope it can recover like everything else. And I've been wearing sunglasses more. Wish I could wear them indoors without looking strange. I keep trying to sleep it off but it won't go away. Gets worse as the day goes on though.