Fyi : amiadorone

I am new here and I joined simply because of what I have been through in the past with my father who has made a full recovery. I wanted to let everyone know though, that he was not getting any better on the IVIG, he couldnt get out of bed, sit up or anything, It wasn't until his trip to UAB when the Drs there stopped his amiadorone right away and then proceeded with IVIG treatments that he began improving. Just feel like if there is anything I know that I can share from my own experience , that I am obligated to do so. He progressed from wheelchair to walker to cane to walking on his own and working full time again :) The drs here said they had never heard of amiodarone induced cidp so, thats why the delayed diagnosis. That was 5 years ago that he stopped his IVIG treatments and has not required any since