Gammunex program

I wanted to pass along some info about a program through gammunex. It’s called connexions, you can find it on their website. If you have insurance and currently use gammunex on a regular basis, you get three certificates a year. If you ever lose your coverage, you can trade each certificate for a one month free supply of ivig, up to 70 grams. The certificates expire after five years.

Oh my gosh- thank you for this info!

Gamunex also has a copay assistant program. I currently get a Visa card from Gamunex with $2,500.00 on it every year to help me pay my out-of -pocket expensed. I have to call in my doses of Gamunex ID numbers and expiration dates off the vials each time I get my Gamunex and as I call them in they load up my card according to how much Gamunex I use. It has really helped me make my out of pocket expenses each year.