Hi everyone. I am just wondering how many of you had CIDP develop following GBS ? How long have you been ill ? How long have you been treated ? Have you been told what to expect for a prognosis ? I developed GBS in Feb.2011 from food poisoning in Mexico. They tell me that I now have CIDP . I had total of 40 plasma exchange treatments and then switched to monthly IVGG for the past 3 months. The doctor told me this week that the difficult thing now is deciding if and when to stop treatments. That will be up to the Neurologist,my next EMG in June and my symptoms. Anyone have a similar experience ?


I developed problems in the UK, which became worse when I returned to Israel, up to the point where I was admitted to hospital where the initial diagnosis was tentatively GBS, but certain things didn't quite fit. Anyway I got 5 days worth of 3 x IVIG treatment per day, which seemed to do the trick.

After a couple of weeks in a rehab hospital I was allowed home and was gradually getting better when I had a re-lapse, and when tested for nerve conductivity was diagnosed with CIDP.

This satisfied the hospital doctor, as she had not been comfortable with the previous GBS diagnosis.

I've been receiving IV Solu-Medrol for some months now and it seems to be working as I'm back to about 95% of what I used to be.

Hope this is helpful.