Getting better

It has been 2 weeks or so since I got out of the hospital, and I am feeling much better. My walking and strength is really progressing. However, I am terrified of relapsing. I was so lucky that I never had respitory symptoms. My right side( the weaker side) is still not quite right. My right foot isn’t as strong as the left. It is so nice to be apart of a group of people who went through this. I was supposed to go out on Valentine’s day with my fiancé to a nice tapas restaurant, but I couldn’t walk without a walker so I skipped it. I felt so guilty. I have never been in this position before, helpless. Now that I am getting better, I have a new respect for people who live with disabilities.

I too am afraid of relapsing and it's been 8 months since this first happened to me. I was lucky too to not have had the respiratory symptoms. You will get stronger with time. That is how it has been for me. PT helped me once I got on my way. I understand about the Valentine's day dinner. You should give yourself a break and not feel guilty. It's tough to go through this. I did not want to be in public like this at first. I kind of got past some of that once I was through the toughest part. I accepted that I needed to get out and start doing more. It takes time so you have to show your weakness before you can regain your strength. It was tough to show that to the world but they were more accepting than I would have thought. I hope you continue to get better and can look forward to all of the good things coming your way!