Giving up

hi every one

last week was the lowest point in my life. i lost control and damaged my maraige even more than before. i cant accept hte fact that i am limited to do certain things. i cant take it anymore. i use to ride motorcycle with my husband but cant even do that anymore. how do i accept this change in my life. i sawm the dr stuwig last week and she said i need to talk to a phsycolist bedause i need to accept all of thes illnesses. the cidp, fibro and bio polar and its not gonna go away. time for reality to set in. why does everything happen to me. how do i cope how do i make things right with my husbnd and everyone i pushed away. please advise i am lost and tired of all of this

Having a chronic disease is hard, no doubt about it. (I have one as well, Psoriatic Arthritis, which has wrecked my joints and messed with my mind.) Having three is more than I can imagine. Your doctor's suggestion of seeking the help of a psychologist ( or maybe even a psychiatrist or a psychiatric social worker) is an excellent one. It's not only about accepting the diseases, but also about adjusting expectations, realigning relationships, and re-framing the future. That's a lot of work to take onboard and do by yourself. You can do it, but I think it will be easier if you get yourself a coach.

We're here to support you, but we're not professionals. If I were you (which I am not!) I'd seriously consider your doctor's recommendation. This whole situation is hard enough, without trying to dig yourself out all by yourself.

Warmest wishes for peace and progress, Kraai