Has anyone experienced bells palsy since being diagnosed with cidp?

Hi everyone i have a question. I have just gotten out of the hospital where i was diagnosed with bells palsy. Its time and over due for another set of infusions but had some complications with getting my ivig. But leading up to the hospitalization i was having a hard time swallowing,lots of confusion/memory problems,headaches,dryness to eyes,pains up my shoulders as along my neck and my tongue going numb. I thought i was having a stroke when my mouth started drawing and lost partial vision in my left eye. after doingseveral tests and a MRI they said it was bells palsy. As this is connected to a a crainal nerve and said can experince mylin sheath damage as well is this connected to our cidp? Anyone know or have experienced this?

I had Bells years ago. But 30 years ago they called it a cold in the nerve. My neuro has been suspected chronic lyme even though the bloods tests don't show strong evidence. Maybe it was early stages of CIDP. But currently my only problem is neuropathy. Everything else I can work through.


Haven't had that dx, CIDP symptoms seem related to a wide variety of problems. Peace Nancy

Hi Amy,

A couple of years before the CIDP diagnosis, I suffered 2 Bells Palsy attacks in a 6 month period which is rare. So, my doctor sent me to a neurologist who had about 12 vials of blood taken out of me and I had an MRI. He didn't find anything other than Type II Diabetes (that was a new, although not unexpected since I had a family history of it). So I can see a connection between Bells Palsy and CIDP.

Stay positive, we're all in this together. Lindae

My mom had Bells Palsy before her CIDP diagnosis (when they thought it was just Guillian-Barre). She hasn't had it since and had no lasting side effects.

Thank you to everyones responses. I do appreciate them. Big hugs...amy

Hi. I had GBS in Feb of 2011 and I am still getting IVIG once a month. I was interested in your question as I have developed twitching in my left eye for the last 2 months. My eye seems to get dry and the twitching is worse when I get tired in the evening . I am also experiencing memory loss and confusion with a numb feeling over the left side of my head.I had Miller Fisher Syndrome with the GBS, so I am waiting for my next neurology appointment in Feb. to find out why this happening.
I was surprised to see that I have many of your symptoms. Good Luck and keep fighting.

Amy said:

Thank you to everyones responses. I do appreciate them. Big hugs...amy