Have any of you heard of POEMS syndrome

So, I am still very confused by CIDP and all the crazy symptoms that keep us on our toes, or should I say off lol. Any how, there is a syndrome called POEMS. There is a correlation with CIDP and POEMS. POEMS involves endocrine issues. There is a group on FB for this syndrome. Some of the members were initially diagnosed with cidp and it developed into POEMS or was initially misdiagnosed. POEMS developes into cancer sometimes which is scary. I read its much more serious that CIDP. with my history of endocrine issues, I am going to mention it to my neuro. Any thoughts?

Sure I think you should mention it. There are a lot of similarities. However if you are not showing any skin problems the likelihood of it being POEMS is less but not totally removed. POEMS is a bit scary but does respond to various treatments. Wikipaedia has a nice synopsis of the disease and there is a lot of other stuff to read on the internet.

You might have already figured out all this by now, but POEMS syndrome is also often associated with enlarged liver or spleen and certain skin changes. If needed, your doctor can test for it using an ultrasound of your abdomen or certain blood tests (to be more certain).

The dangers of self-diagnosis aside, there is a book on peripheral neuropathy by Norman Latov which has quite a bit of information! :)