Heat with GBS

Last year I came down with GBS and was paralyzed from the neck down, For the first 3 months I experienced extreme heat. I had to have my wife or nurse wipe me down with a rag soaked in cold water. I had an ice bag placed under my neck, had the thermostat turned way down and had a fan blowing on me 24/7. On the 4th month the heat subsided. Did any of you experience this too?

I did not experience any heat problem. Nebretta

Yes....I had ice packs all around me in bed.

Three years ago I had GBS and had similar issues. I would be so hot that it was awful. Like you I kept the A/C up. Worse than any "hot flashes" I had ever had. Finally, after months it seemed to subside.

Yes, my sister did. I thought it was from the ivig.

Yes, I had to have a fan on me at all times during icu and intermittent icu (when I went to rehab at about 4 weeks later, I had no issues with being too hot. Before GBS I was always hot, now I am opposite, always on the cold side.

Gammy522@yahoo.com said:

Yes, my sister did. I thought it was from the ivig.

My sweet Lord I knew one day you would come.

Not only did I experience this, but my temp was deadly high. They had an electric cooling blanket with ice coild water runing through it.. To this day i cannot tolerate temperatures much above 65. There is no heat in my room, I must ALWAYS have fans blowing on me (I suspect this may be, at least in part, a result of the psychological trauma of so many many months on a respirator.) I have an air conditioner in the winter. Every day, as I get to the point wheer fatigue is about to take me my final warning is copious- no flooding- of perspiration pours off of my head.

How many months on the ventilator? How many?