Holistic Medications/Different Meds

I have been suffering from what the Dr.'s call a rare form of CIDP. In late Aug after multiple tests they started me on IVIG. The first several months I did not notice life altering changes. But slowly I started moving better, feeling again, being able to walk up 4 stairs with out holding on to rails and pull. I was receiving my regular IVIG every 3 weeks and doing good. Then my insurance changed. The say IVIG is not medically necessary for me. It has been several months and I am noticing all the regular stuff coming back, but this time I have more pain. The have increased my immunosupressants and prednisone but it does not seem to work the same or as quickly.

Do you guys have any suggestions, have you tried any holistic avenues?


This link puts a lot on information on one page and it heads in a holistic direction. I also have a change in insurers coming up and I can only hope the IvIG continues.

I have heard that if you go to the manufactures of human immogloblin G (brand Gammax, spelling ?) Other on this site may know more about this. I believe they have a 'carry-over' provision for their product in cases like yours, or if one can't afford the globulin,

I had a course of CIDP very similar to you. Exercise!

Estaban, I need to read that link because if I don't get the IVIG then it's my understand since gaberpentin didn't work nor the fentanyl patch, they have no idea how to treat my pain and I'm getting tried of not being able to sit for very long. My pain is in my buttocks, hips and thighs and sometimes in the calves and pelvic area. No back problem, bursitis and have tried acupuncture. I have a ten's unit but now that seems to just leave me buzzing all over so that doesn't work anymore. I do use muscle rubs like bio-ice that gives some relief but just for a short period.

Any other suggestions? I'll also check out your link too!