How to motivate

Husband Dx Dec21/12, home 1 month and is not wanting to do exercises, test blood sugars,eat, take bath help and is very quiet. It is difficult to get him up for meals in WC., even if there are visitors. He takes insulin and needs to test and eat. Pain is very high, spasms constantly, nauseated and light headed wants to stay in bed. He is getting weaker. Advice appreciated.

I'm sorry it's not going so well. It may be more than motivation. Is it possible he can't? If he's getting weaker the medications may need to be adjusted. He should be getting stronger . I would call the doctor right away. Did he go to rehab hospital? Is he in outpatient rehab now? The first six months I was in and out of the hospital and rehab 3 times before we got the medications right. I usually waited too long before calling the doctor because I didn't know better. If you think he's worse trust your judgement. He's probably overwhelmed....I'm sure you both are.


Thank you Mabes, I know he is overwhelmed and feels powerless to fight this. He was on rehab for 2 weeks and the Pisiatrist in charge discharged him because the team felt he was getting nothing out of the rehab environment.He has IVIG Mon and Tues next week and is usually feeling crappy for a week.He has had little Physio in the 1 month he has been home. I need to check into the possibility of admitting him to a rehab unit and get a message to his Neurologist some how.

This sounds so difficult for you and for him - thoughts and hugs as you dig deep.

It seems that at every turn you have challenges, so yes maybe you need more professional support, review of medication and support for you both to find a 'different pathway forward'. The shock, change and new reality take time and take toll on each of us in different ways. Im told the IVIG when given in the early stages has more possibility of helping ... but it seems very little if anything is helpful. Perhaps talking with a psych may also help understand at another level and give you a better idea of what to do, when. Sending you love and strength. xx

Thank you everyone. Good thoughts and I will talk with him tonight about seeing his GP about his mood…maybe he is in a depression and needs to talk to someone outside our situation. He is my Guy, and I hurt watching him struggle with the pain and the fear.