Does anyone else have problems with their blood pressure. Sometimes my blood pressure drops and I get giddy which I believe is a common symptom of cidp. But in the last 6 months I have had issues with hypertension and have been placed on medication to keep it down. It has started to creep up again despite this. Does anyone know if this can be linked to the cidp. I know steroids can cause a rise in blood pressure but I am not taking any.

I have constant problems with my blood pressure falling. Autonomic problems com with the condition. I take MIDODRINE 10 mg three times daily. For the most part it keeps my blood presssure in the 110 to 125 over 70 to 80 range. before that I was hospitalizede for not being able to get out of bed and having it drop to below 80 over 55. The rise could also be due to other medication. The best thing to do is check with your cardioligist.

Thanks Jeffrey I had my suspicions and it just seemed too much of a co-incidence that my blood pressure was acting up again at the same time I am having a flare up. And unfortunately I have a cardiologist - I seem to be collecting doctors with ologist at the end of their titles.

Hi Bean,

I had incredible blood pressure swings during the acute onset phase of my CIDP. Started at 215 over 120 or so in emergency, and too low sometimes (below 100 over 70). If I sat up or lay down, the room would start spinning. Still get that sensation sometimes, to a lesser degree. I’m now on Amlodipine to lower blood pressure.


Thank you for your response. I think something similar though not quite as extreme is happening to me. I have spent a couple of nights in hospital due to high bp, only to have a week or so later giddy spells when standing up. Fortunately I can tell when when my bp is high as I get dreadful pain behind my left eye. The human body really is a complex mix of actions and reactions.