I was wondering?

Hi All

I was wondering if any body else has been suffering from CIDP for like 20 to 25 years before they finally were diagnosis with it?

They have had me to beleived that I had arthritis, degenerative disk,and just tight muscles ect. They just never knew what to do. I begged to be sent to a neurology and they would not send me. They acted like I was just a hypochondriac and tried to put me on mood drugs. No thank you Doc! Was sent to physical therapy way to many times and they just hurt me. I have done my own stretching and deep tissue massage over the years because they did not believe that I was in as much trouble as I have been. I was even told by my PCP that I have a weird body. My Chiropractor that I used to go to would tell me to relax so he could adjust me and I would tell him that I was relaxed as I could be. He would not believe me either.

Pretty funny that a foot Dr. caught on and was the one that sent me to neurology to be diagnosed with CIDP right away.

Any ways I am still waiting to go and get some real testing done up in Dartmouth NH on July 2. Been waiting since April. Guess it is just me that is in a hurry before I loose my job. Just could not go to work today. Just could not do it. Very stressful being on your feet all day hobbling around trying to do your job when one is like this. Been doing it for years. Every day I hope for another remission. I have had them before but I fear that it won't happen again for me. If I could just make for one more year I could retire. This specialist may disable me. I feel some better when I don't over do it like working all week.

Oh ya, one more question please. does any one know how long it has been now that they have known about this CIDP and have been diagnosing people with it? Just wondering how long my PCP has been in the dark!

Yes, I am a little bitter, lol

Thanks for reading my wining. Helps me to wine sometimes.