Increased AST liver test and IVig?

Does anyone know if IVig can cause an increased AST liver test? I have been getting IVig every 3 weeks for about a year and a half now. I don't have any complications from the IVig. But about 6 months ago my AST was slightly elevated at 44 (normal is 10-42). My doctor said just to watch and recheck in 6 months. So I just rechecked and it is a little bit more elevated at 58. My doctor still said lets just watch it for another 6 months. I am nervous and don't feel comfortable just watching since it went up 14 points in just 6 months. I think since it went up that I should check it out and make sure nothing bad is going on with my liver - i would rather find out now and treat then wait another 6 months for more elevation. Does anyone know if IVig will cause an increase in your liver tests? I know it can be hard on your kidneys but it doesn't say anything about liver problems. I am healthy otherwise. My other liver test ALT is normal. I don't eat a horrible diet. Sometimes I eat fast food and fatty foods but not a whole lot. I don't exercise much though. I wonder about fatty liver disease but I don't fit the mold for fatty diet and obesity. Worried and wondering what to do, just watch or demand a liver ultrasound.

Hi chirpybirdy! I am new to this site, but old to CIDP. I was on IVIG treatment weekly for 3 years and then every other week for another year. I had one liver function test that had come back abnormal with the ivig and it was because I had had a glass of wine at dinner the night before the blood work. However, my liver numbers were all over the place when I still had my gall bladder and it was malfunctioning. If I were you, I would demand a retest in a month or so and then go from there. I have not heard of the IVIG affecting the liver, nor experienced any problems. Remember, you are a whole person with many functioning systems. Don't allow the doctors to just pin everything on the CIDP or IVIG.

Hope this helped a bit.

Let mo know how things go!