Is this CIDP usual course of disease process

Diagnosed dec21,2012 started on IVIG in first 24 hours and spent 3 weeks in hospital. Discharged home cannot stand or walk and having chills, sweats, extreme pain with spasms, nausea, exhaustion and muscle wasting and weight loss. Have had 4th IVIG treatment 6 days ago and feel worse. Is this common? What is happening?

As much as I hate to say this ... yes it is normal, I had a lot of those symptoms and IT SUCKS! I feel for you I know how shitty it is and I hope that the treatments start improving them. Do you know what the dosage is that you receive?

72.5 on day one and 70 day 2 Are the symptoms from the Ig or is my CIDP still active?

Yep, it can take six to twelve treatments and I can't remember how many I've had, but with the right combination of meds. it does get better. I've lost 34lbs. and have muscle wasting in my left arm and hand, with extreme pain in my right leg. Some days I sleep for eighteen hours, but exercise as much as you can (but don't over do it). I know this sounds like doom and gloom but it does get better. Gary Check out this link:

Honestly it could be both.. The nausea could be from the Ig, they might be running it through too quickly and it might just be I guess overwhelming for your body... same with the chills and the sweats. The others are probably just from the CIDP itself. I have been in my controlled remission for about 5-6 years (approx) but I still get tremors sometimes, and still have some weakness once in a while.

Have you spoke to your doctor about the symptoms?

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Madonnart said:

72.5 on day one and 70 day 2 Are the symptoms from the Ig or is my CIDP still active?