IVIG and kidney problems

Since I’ve been on IVIG (which is maybe 3 months) I’ve had kidney stone and possibly another one, and blood in my urine after a 2 day treatment. Anyone else have similar experiences???

I have a history of kidney stones, so I brought this up to my neuro. He says that if you have blood in/ or concentrated urine, it can be an indication of kidney issues with the IVIG. But, he said it won't increase the likelihood of kidney stones.

The IVIG is so thick that it plays havoc on your kidneys.The same thing happened to me while in the hospital.No kidney stones but it was taxing the performance of my kidneys.

Thank you

Look into the trying low oxalate diet group on yahoo. It is for preventing kidney stones and may also improve many other issues with chronic illness. I'm just starting it myself.

Thank you mabes I’ll look into it

Wow, I have had 16 infusions this year, i’ve had no bad side affects with kidneys. do you think it makes a difference depending on dose? Currently I get 1g per kg body weight. Is that the amount others get?