IVIG Infusion Amount and Timeframe

I would like to know what amount of ivig and the timeframe that others are receiving for their infusion. I was getting 40 grams every 3 weeks with tingling in feet and hands. Last week this was increased to 50 grams every 3 weeks. My tingling has been reduced. What is your rate. Thanks.

65 grams every four weeks, it's called a maintenance dose. Gary

190 eight week intervals

Ditto. Based in my eight. My rate is only 20 because I get meningitis and my heart stops. Nurse sits ight beside me for 1st hour, thn check me every 15 minutes for two days each…impatient.

50 gm every 2 weeks. So far, not a problem

I get 100 grams over 2 days (50 each day). I start at 50 ml and go up in 50 ml increments every 30 min until I’m at 200 ml/hr. I go about every 3 wks.